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Membership with United States High School Taekwondo comes with some awesome benefits. You can compete with other high schools around the nation for ranking points, earn your varsity letter in Taekwondo, and members apply for our annual scholarships free. Through the members portal you can apply for your National Varsity letter, register for High School events, and keep in touch with the high school taekwondo community.

Sign up now to become a US High School Taekwondo Athlete! We have divisions for sparring, forms, and tricking. Whatever your passion, we are here to support you and recognize your commitment to Taekwondo and your High School. The members area gives access to our Varsity Letter program and points tracking from USHT sanctioned events.
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Want to step up and help lead the High School Taekwondo movement? Sign up as a USHT coach so you can lead a team of young warriors into competition against other high schools. There is no more satisfying feeling that to coach, teach, and mentor our students in this pivotal stage of their lives. Certified coaches are eligible to coach in any USHT sanctioned event.
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As part of the Taekwondo Advancement Foundation, earnings go towards the advancement of Taekwondo and into the annual Scholarship Funds, so we can support as many athletes and their college dreams as possible.